Announcement of Webinar: Team Marcel Kolaja

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On Thursday the 07.01. at 8 pm the Pirate Party Germany is pleased to welcome Boris Vanka and Tomas Adamec as guests. 

The two will report on their work in the office of vice-president of the European Parliament Marcel Kolaja, one of the three Czech Pirate MEPs. 

As one of the political advisers, Tomas will talk about his work in committees with a focus on digital topics. In his presentation he will report on legislative procedures from the past year. Particularly noteworthy are the topics around artificial intelligence, the Digital Service Act (DSA) and the Digital Markets Act (DMA). Since he also supervises Marcel’s work in the CULT external committee, Tomas will talk about education in Europe. Here, important foundations for digital education and data strategy are laid.

Boris Vanka, who is responsible for communications for Marcel Kolaja, will report about public relations and marketing in a PIRATE MEP office. During his presentation, he will focus on the media landscape in the Czech republic and the position of the Pirates Party within it. Besides, he will talk about how the communication with public and journalists works.

The event will take place online via videoconference. To participate follow the invitation link below (“piratensommer”). A streaming via Youtube will also be offered. 

The event will be held in English. 



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