On the Seventh of June, Felix Kjellberg aka “Pewdiepie” advertised the app “Nimses” in a video on Youtube. With a reach of 96.5 million, Pewdiepie is the most influential youtuber in the world and thus carries a great journalistic responsibility, which he does not live up to this time. The advertised app, which is a new social network, is highly offensive in terms of privacy.

“It goes without saying that youtubers also advertise their own products and those of third parties in their videos. Unfortunately, the app that Pewdiepie is promoting here is not some fun game or new online gimmick. Nimses is the online equivalent of selling one’s soul. By accepting the Terms of Use, the user overrides the rights to their own online presence to the company. Similar to Google, Facebook or Apple, this app requires access to certain information and constantly polls data. Unlike the traditional applications, Nimses publishes this information and is always active. When users are online, they are monitored by the app. The app also accesses contacts stored on the phone. One of the most frightening things is that users can look up the exact position of other users in the app. This is where we PIRATES stop having fun, because publishing such information online can lead to real dangers for users of this app”

said Daniel Mönch, Political Director of the Pirate Party.

We specifically warn all teenagers who do not want to be monitored by their friends or their parents to install this app. We also appeal to parents to educate their children about the possible consequences and significance of data protection. Users have no way of adjusting their level of privacy.
Basically, the app requires continuous access to one’s location – even if it is not currently in use. Wherever you are, you can be tracked down by friends and strangers.
If the operating system deactivates the location determination or withdraws the rights, the app will no longer work.
Furthermore, the user conditions state that the minimum legal age to use the app is thirteen years of age.This is absolutely irresponsible for an app that displays the location for everyone to see and thus opens the door to stalking and mobbing because the privacy can not be set.
The Pirate Party is committed to ensuring that apps which are offered in the app-stores of various companies must also comply with the decent European data protection directives!