More democracy

Bild: CC-BY Tobias M. Eckrich

Risking more democracy

The Pirate Party considers democracy the best possible form of rule, because only true democracy will enable a fair and equitable coexistence and the balancing of individual interests within a state.

More participation

We Pirates aim for maximum democratic equality among all people. The Pirate Party therefore strives to increase and promote every individual’s direct and indirect opportunities for democratic participation.

Identifying new ways

Digital mediums enormously improve the speed at which information is exchanged in society. Today, it is easy to scan large quantities of information and make it accessible to everyone. All this enables completely new and previously unthinkable solutions for the distribution of power within a state. Decentralized administration and the introduction of distributed systems are greatly facilitated.

The digital revolution brings humanity the opportunity of advancing democracy, which allows to reinforce freedom and civil rights, especially free speech and each individual’s ability to participate. The Pirate Party sees its purpose in attending and shaping the adjustment of living democracy in Germany to the opportunities of the 21st century.

Reinforcing separation of powers and freedom

We Pirates see maximum and sensible separation of powers within the state as absolutely essential.
An independent judiciary – especially with regard to the German Constitutional Court – must be strengthened and promoted, since this court has repeatedly proven to be a guardian of individual rights against the legislative and executive powers.

We Pirates are convinced that society must never patronize the individual. In order to allow citizens to make informed decisions, we need a good, decentralized, independent, multifaceted and ever-vigilant publicative power, consisting of the press, blogs and other forms of public mediums. This power is essential for the proper functioning of a democracy. We see it as the duty of the state and of every democrat to enable this critical publicative and to protect it against interference.

The state’s duty is not to patronize the individual, but to respect and preserve individual rights and to protect individuals against infringements of their civil rights, even against the majority. One individual’s freedom reaches its limits where it unduly impinges on another individual’s freedom.

More democratic elections

We Pirates support more freedom and independence of individuals in parliament. In order to reduce party discipline and pressure on individual members of parliament, voters must have more influence on who is elected into the parliament. For this purpose, the voters must be given the option of splitting their vote between candidates of different parties and to support individual candidates by means of accumulation, even for elections on the national and state levels. The influence of tactical voting must be reduced, so as to allow small and new parties to achieve their full voter potential.