Gender and family policy

Geschlechter- und Familienpolitik (Autor: Martin Haug)

Gender and family policy

The Pirate Party supports a modern gender and family policy. It is based on the principle of private self-determination, which is codified in Article 1 of the German Basic Law. The Pirate Party wants our politics to respect the increasing diversity of lifestyles. Everyone must be able to choose freely their mode of living and their preferred type of equal cohabitation. Models of cohabitation must not be based on the exploitation of individuals or the pursuit of unjustified personal benefits.

Free self-determination of gender and sexual identity/orientation

The Pirate Party stands for a policy which respects and promotes free self-determination of gender and sexual identity/orientation.
We reject any allocation to specific genders or gender roles by others. Discrimination based on gender, gender roles or sexual identity/orientation is wrong.
Social structures which are the result of gender role models do not accommodate the requirements of individuals and must therefore be overcome.

  • The Pirate Party is against the collection of gender information by public authorities. As a transitional measure, instead of gender being registered automatically by the government, individuals must be allowed to choose their own gender.
  • The law forcing parents to give their children gender-specific first names must be abolished.
  • Sex assignment surgery for intersexual children must not be permitted if this interferes with the child’s right to self-determination.

World-wide acknowledgment and protection of self-determined gender or sexual identity and orientation

Persecution due to gender, sexual identity or sexual orientation is wrong. If such persecution is supported officially or unofficially by governments or non-government actors in a person’s country of origin, it must be recognized as a justification for political asylum. This does not require that the victims prove their sexual identity or orientation.

In many countries, people are discriminated against or criminalized for their sexual identity and orientation if it deviates from the local norms.
We reject this type of discrimination or criminalization.

Deviating gender or sexual identity and orientation must not be classified as a sickness or perversion.

Free self-determination of cohabitation

The Pirates support plurality in modes of cohabitation.
Official policies must accommodate the diversity of lifestyles and enable truly free choice of the desired form of cohabitation.
We reject any preferential financial treatment of selected models based merely on historic structures.

  • The Pirates support full legal equality of marriages and civil unions.
  • All forms of cohabitation must be able to attain civil union status. Concepts for expanding the civil union to a registered conjugal relationship of more than two persons must be developed and implemented.
  • Civil unions must take the form of a civil solidarity pact, modeled after the French PACS model.This civil solidarity pact must facilitate a more flexible transfer of rights and provide simplified and cheaper divorce procedures. It must also give notaries the right to close marriage contracts, as this is currently a monopoly of the state.

Free self-determination and support for families

The Pirate Party supports the equal recognition of lifestyle models in which people assume responsibility for each other.
Regardless of the chosen model, communities which nurture children or support weak persons deserve special protection.
Our family policy aims at giving equal legal status to such communities.

  • Equal opportunities for people taking care of children: Having children must not lead to discrimination or disadvantage. Gender or sexual identity/orientation must not be the reason for prerogatives or obligations to participate more or less in childrearing. We Pirates support the dismantling of existing social expectations which prevent or complicate real free individual decision-making.
  • Tax splitting for married couples must be abolished. Fiscal privileges for individuals or communities must be given to those who take care of children and weak individuals.
  • There must be sufficient childcare services to enable free self-determination of lifestyle choices. There must be a legal right to childcare beginning at birth.
  • Having children must be independent of gender identity or orientation. Same-sex partnerships must also be allowed to bear, adopt and raise children.